Message from our Chairman

It is becoming very important in today’s destructive world that, there should be a place, which is serene, welcoming and allowing children to explore the world of opportunities. Annai Arul Public School was once a dream is today a shared dream. Our motive is to provide quality and world-class education at an affordable price to all children.

“Educationists should build capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model.”
– Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

We wanted our children to have an educational system that will transform them into individuals with their own identity, purpose and meaning in life. Our school environment provides the opportunity to learn about the entirety, the completeness of life. Our faculty is a community of well knit, passionate teachers who work tirelessly in helping our children to develop interest and deep connection with various subjects, and also the emotional and social well-being of the children.
We commit our lives to be an example for the society around us which will bring about a deep change in the consciousness of mankind.

Mr. J. Selvan