From Our Correspondent’s Desk

Every child at Annai Arul Public School is a unique individual. We aim to keep the core curriculum intact while motivating and helping build his/her finesse that are according to his/her needs, talents, challenges and motivations. We are conscious in moulding our children being free and fearless, but, at the same time to allow them explore and connect with the subject matter that creates curiosity and inquisitiveness in them.

Our teachers are trained to be facilitators, rather than instructors. We are always welcome to new ideas, commendable suggestions and emerging technologies that will benefit the children in all times. They make sure that our vision and their mission is manifested. Our organisation is blessed with the enormous support of our parents and other members of the community who are an integral part of our success. As a result, we are a truly progressing and an adaptable school to provide the best opportunities to our children.


Mr. Joseph Selvakumar