Logo Explanation

Our school logo is our emblem which symbolises the school’s stance on education and the promise of delivering perennial excellence to the students.

The logo centres around the graphic image of three students emerging out of a great book of knowledge and reaching skywards to a massive star of success. Three smaller stars depicting three vital elements of school life – sports, character formation and cultural enrichment are placed at the base of the book.

The entire logo is bordered by a shield with two olive fronds flanking either side. An elegant decorative ribbon forms the base of the logo with the inspiring motto of the school – Explore, Evolve and Excel prominently displayed in it.


Our students are given ample opportunities to Explore their potential to the fullest. They explore their capabilities through knowledge from their books and through the three core elements of growth at school as depicted by the three stars. Together with knowledge and life skills, our students transform into adults who can think for themselves and apply their skills practically to life situations.


School life is all about growth, both in body and mind. When our students diligently practice the acquiring of knowledge and combine it with active participation in sports, character building and cultural enrichment, they naturally Evolve into the finest of humans. Every child thus attains excellence and evolves new ideas and thoughts that will make this world a far better place to live.


At our school education is an integrated phenomenon where children gradually assimilate knowledge, virtues, life skills and qualities that propel them towards their goals. This progression leads them to Excel in whatever they do and they emerge with flying colours to reach for a glorious and victorious life.

The entire core logo is bordered by a shield that epitomises the pride of belonging and the sense of safety and security the school provides. Two olive fronds flank the logo on either side to symbolise the peaceful and pristine setting of the campus, which provides the right learning environment for the students. The olive fronds also represent our team of highly dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, who tirelessly work to uphold the vision and mission of our school while continually seeking to enhance their professional and personal capabilities.

Finally, the purple colour of the logo stands for wisdom, creativity, independence, ambition and nobility. As the students identify with the AAPS logo and uphold its values, they get to gain a proud, stronger and sustainable identity to carry with them into a resplendent future.