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With over 45 years of experience, Scuola is internationally recognized as a leader in effective language training.

Child friendly education. Creative teaching improves the kids in active learning. Apart from good teaching, they are giving importance to cultural values and good manners. Kids are more impressed with the extra curricular activities like art and craft, wimming and dancing. They are discoveringthe hidden talents of the kids by conducting various competitions.

P.Palanichamy and P.Ishalini of class I

Your review about the School and your Child's progress after joining Annai Aril Public School - A wonderful place for learning and growth, Annai Arul Public school brings children and families together to learn, create and innovate, supported by beautiful festivals celebrations and community spirit. A team of diligent and dedicated teachers and an enticing infrastructure and activity based learning gives a great environment for the children. Throughout the pandemic the school delivers their best through online classes and co scholastic activities to keep our child engaged during the lockdown days, we are thankful for the AAPS Team for the virtual learning experience with many competitions and virtual celebrations that drives away the boredom of the lockdown days for the children. My child is in Grade 1 and she can learn, read and write on her own using phonetics and can integrate and innovate with her learning. I would strongly recommend the school for my friends and families.

J.Aishwarya and Daksha.R of Class I

Fantastic school! The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized. The admissions process was outstanding, they really care and truly want the best for my child. "My Daughter is always happy to go to school and full of smiles" My Daughter is very happy in this school and she has improved her reading and writing, she enjoys coming to school, learning new topics. My experience about this school is pretty good. As a parent, I have found the staff very friendly and approachable.

Moodi Preston, Jordan

Thanks to all the great teachers that are natural English speakers and qualified teachers.

Maria Karma, Spain

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A focus on professionalism, continuous improvement and positive outcomes underpins the culture. Scuola has a reputation for producing industry-specific management graduates who are the employees of first choice.